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How can I be so stupid

asked 2018-11-01 18:09:16 -0600

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So I like this guy since the pass 2.5 years . I did some really stupid stuff trying to talk to him . Annoyed him on social media etc. the past two years I did do stupid stuff . He didn’t want to talk. He kept on ignoring and ignoring and I kept on distracting and annoying him by putting letters in his locker and stuff. I was blind . I can’t believe I did all that . And the stuff I wrote on it oh my .. so he told one of his friends that I’m annoying a while ago. I kept on getting attracted towards him. I also tried to forget him but eventually he would still be in my mind. Since we never talked it’s just his existence that made me happy . Time flew really fast and I can’t believe I’m not over him yet. He is in one of my classes this year and He only has few months left till he is gonna be gone for college. (He is year older than me ) I was thinking to change my class so I can slowly try to forget him again . But at the same time I don’t want to . I don’t think there was even a single day I haven’t thought of him since the day I started liking him . I have cried and still crying . If I knew this thing could be this painful I would have been careful . I can’t believe I got into this liking thing and now I’m so stuck . (He is my 4th but longest and most painful crush )

Something is actually gonna happen to me next year . It’s already happening this year . Idk what to do I really don’t . I had few opportunities of talking him face to face and I still have some opportunities. But I’m too embarrassed and scared . Also I feel like he would either ignore me and even if we talk it’s gonna be for short term

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answered 2018-11-01 23:13:48 -0600

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Waheguru jio, its simple and short as "you wont know until you try". So, you can come up with thousands of scenarios but it might still be away from reality. Thus, just approach with a little "hi" or anything and see what happens. Do not be scared of getting rejected or getting ignored because that might actually push you to move on because right now you see him as someone amazing or perfect etc. Wish you the best. Bhul chuk muaf.

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