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Shabads/Kirtan etc to cure anxiety

asked 2018-08-09 00:01:52 -0500

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updated 2018-08-09 01:20:23 -0500

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I have social anxieties etc. Then I have this weird anxiety from nothing that I don’t understand. It usually happens at night . First I start feeling dead. Then I imagine earth spinning and In my brain I get the drowsy feeling. I start feeling claustrophobic. I feel stuck . My hands start to sweat etc. It’s so weird and I can’t even fully explain how I feel . Can u guys tell me if Thas normal and give me some shabads etc to overcome ANXIETY in general

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answered 2018-08-09 05:04:50 -0500

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh,

First of all my dear sister, it is okay to have fear and phobias. I cannot say what you're saying is definitely a phobia or something else, consult a doctor for that but whatever it is, please stay strong and know that god is with you forever, everywhere. "Jis da sahib dhada hove, tis nu maar na sake koye". Here are a few shabads that are very soothing and matching to your situation. Bhul Chuk muaf. , , , , ,

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answered 2018-08-10 11:16:41 -0500

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Do you recite Kirtan Sohila at night? When you have these panic attacks, the only way through is long deep breathing while you recite bij mantra Sat Nam or Guru Mantra Waheguru with each breath. When you lie down, read kirtan sohila out loud slowly and lovingly, before you close your eyes.

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