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Can I sing and rap

asked 2018-02-04 18:23:05 -0500

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Fateh. I'm 16 and I've always been into music and singing as I have a huge passion for it. I'm a female and wear a dastar and on the path of sikhi. I've been practising sikhi since I was 4 and I've always worn my dastar since that age. I sing a lot of gurbani and do my paath. I have always written poetry and raps and performed them. But my raps are about motivational things or life experiences and I don't use any bad language or profanity as I don't swear. I just like to get out my thoughts and feelings. I want to start sharing my music on the internet and create some tracks. Can I do this? I already get a lot of hate from the Sikh community for it even though I'm doing nothing wrong and I still want to carry on for my benefit because it makes me happy and inspires others and my music helps others because they can relate. I also sing my own version of western mainstream songs that are again not rude or have bad messages and I want to share these also and get into music. Please tell me if this is okay to do so because I don't want to be doing something wrong. And If I'm not doing anything wrong I don't want to be influenced by people that don't accept what I'm doing and make me think I shouldn't be singing or rapping. I want to portray that Sikh girls wearing dastars can shine and I really want to represent.

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answered 2018-02-04 19:43:28 -0500

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So proud of you! This type of creative energy is our talent given by God and you should definitely use it. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you aren't using bad language, which you aren't. Don't be discouraged by others, its wrong of them to be hating on you. I think you should go ahead and share them :) On the internet people are always trolling and such and just ignore it and be who you are. You could consider (if this is for youtube) blocking comments at first if you are sensitive and worried about it. But dont let others stop you from your dream.

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